The Power Couple is based on Genesis 2:18-25


The contents following this introduction require membership access because we believe the time and effort we put into building better relationships requires attention, commitment, and follow through. When you click on one of the topics you will be directed to a page where you can sign up. This will help us learn who is interested for another session and who we can contact to demonstrate continued support.

1. This is not simply for couples or couples in trouble, it is for everyone who seeks to strengthen their relationships.

2. The information is progressive, meaning it builds upon each other

3. The information we share is all scripture based and supported by personal experiences of vulnerability so we ask that you be honest with yourselves and with your spouse in discussions

Individual walk with God

We are responsible for our own individual walk with God, even though we made a commitment to get married. I should know my identity, my purpose as an individual and as a couple. Every person is required to produce good fruit and it starts with me as an individual?

Pre-Marital Pitfalls

There is a lot how people meet and how they engage in a relationship but Jesus always referred to Genesis, the book of beginnings because he knew God's creation is perfect if we are obedient to his direction.

God's Orderly Home

Is my home living within God's divine order? As a husband am I leading or have I given Satan the authority in my home? As a wife am I hindering or helping? Do I have some priorities higher than they should be?

Real Talk

Do I hear or listen when communicating? Do we have cultural differences that are creating division in our family or is this blended family thing too much?

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