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Iglesia Puerta de Resauracion

This church is located at Calle Altagracia, Barrio Villa Maria, Pantoja Santo Domingo Oeste and is focused on building stronger families through the power of Jesus Christ.

The Mission

Building Kingdom Minded People

  • The church slogan is "a place of Health for the whole family"

  • Voodoo and Catholicism are the most commonly practiced religion

Image by Olav Ahrens Røtne
The Challenges

Serving the Community

  • Medical/Dental supplies and services are not available.

  • Education and Trade-work Training is not available.

  • Spiritual Warfare is real. 

Image by Jana Sabeth
The Goals

Creating Success and Confidence

  • We support thousands of kids with school supplies and basic needs

  • We hope to build a medical/dental clinic for the community

  • We hope to establish the first trade-education center for youth and young adults to learn carpentry, cosmetology, plumbing, etc.


Gracias por su obediencia al Senor, que Dios lo siga usando y bendiciendo para  su gloria

Pastor Samuel y Rocio Cepeda

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